Travel Blog of an Italian girl on a cruise ship

About me and my Travel Blog “Follow My Anchor”

Hi! I’m Sara, born and raised in Rome, I now live in Helsinki where I work as a flight attendant. My travel blog “Follow My Anchor” comes from my endless love for traveling and sailing, two passions that I could follow together thanks to my previous job on a cruise ship.

From the very first moment I was on board, I fell deeply in love with the ocean. And what else could ever represent better this strong bond to the sea than an anchor?

I have an anchor necklace that I always carry with me, in all of my travels. And I travel A LOT!

How do I do it? By doing jobs where I can fulfill my only dream: TRAVEL THE WORLD. Crew member on a cruise ship, check-in agent, flight attendant… you name it!

And when you start traveling you never stop. Some people call it “the Wanderlust Syndrome”. I don’t know if my syndrome has a name. I don’t even know if mine is a syndrome. Syndrome gives me the idea of something bad. What I know is that traveling makes me happy; it makes me live twice.

And now I want to share my journeys with you. I want to share my itineraries, my pictures, my good and bad choices, my tips and everything that I have learned from my adventures.

Hopefully, you will find my travel blog useful to plan your next trip, or you will read it just to kill time.

I will enjoy the sharing anyway and if you are a travel addict like me or if you want to become one I hope that you will enjoy the reading too.

So come on, get on board and follow my anchor around the world!