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“Sara how come yesterday you were in Chile and today you are in Thailand? Did you win the lottery or something?”

Just to make it clear. I have never won the lottery, I don’t do illegal business and I don’t sell drugs. Am I rich? Not a chance! So how come a 30 years old girl has been in so many different places and her bank account hasn’t gone into the negative?

I’ll tell you my secret… I chose jobs where I could fulfill my only dream: TRAVEL THE WORLD.

And when you start traveling you never stop. Some people call it “the Wanderlust Syndrome”. I don’t know if my syndrome has a name. I don’t even know if mine is a syndrome. Syndrome gives me the idea of something bad. What I know is that traveling makes me happy; it makes me live twice.

So what does the anchor have to do with this?

Everything started in 2012, when I found a job on a cruise ship. From the very first moment I was on board I fell deeply in love with the ocean. And what other symbol could ever represent better this strong bond to the sea than an anchor?

Everyone who knows me thinks of me when they see an anchor. My sister gave me an anchor necklace that I always carry with me, in all of my travels.

My travels couldn’t have made me happier. And now I want to share them. I want to share my itineraries, my pictures, my good and bad choices, my tips and everything that I have learned from my adventures.

Hopefully people would find my travel blog useful to plan their next trip, some other would just read it to kill time.

I will enjoy the sharing anyway and if you are a travel addict like me or if you want to become one I hope that you will enjoy the reading too.

So get on board and follow my anchor around the world!