walking through the Jatiluwih rice terrace in my travel to Bali

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Travel to Bali: there is no place in the world like the holy island of Indonesia.

As soon as you land here you have the feeling that everybody is putting up a show. But Balinese people really are just like you see them. And you can’t help falling in love with them.

You might take a taxi and find out that the driver is the same person that you saw the night before performing on a stage! “I have 4 hobbies: driving, dancing, singing, cooking”. This is how a conversation would start at the most random moment.

Balinese love their culture and they are so proud of it.

You will find the streets full of little homemade baskets which are offerings to thank the gods. And you will feel so disrespectful when you accidentally step on them! But they will smile and forgive you.

Balinese absolutely love ceremonies. In any random corner of Bali you could end up in a ceremony. What they celebrate is never really clear to people who don’t belong. But for them ceremonies are an essential part of their life.

So don’t get stressed if you are driving and you end up stuck in an unexpected crowd and need to find an alternative way to get where you are planning to go. This is the real spirit of Bali. Let yourself go and follow Bali where it takes you.

Not only ceremonies will get in your way. Be ready to face the fastest and smartest thieves that you could ever encounter: MONKEYS. Those little human-like creatures would literally jump on your face and open your backpack to look for something to eat! My advice? Don’t bring any food with you and always keep your belongings where you can see them.

It looks like monkeys are an actual inconvenience to local people who work at the souvenir shops too!

a monkey on a scooter in Bali

Yes that is a monkey on a scooter.

Yes he’s holding a piece of souvenir that he stole at the shop.

No, I don’t know why they sell penis souvenirs.

Monkeys and ceremonies are only part of the reason why it might take 2 hours to drive 20 km. Expect to drive on roads that you wouldn’t normally even call roads. There are not many signs around to help you. And on a daily basis you will be stuck somewhere looking for some shelter while you are waiting for the thunderstorm to be over.

But don’t you ever worry. Take it easy. This is what makes Bali unique. Your travel to Bali will be an extraordinary adventure that you will always cherish!

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