Me and the Canals in my Travel to Amsterdam

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Every time I think of my travel to Amsterdam it gives me heart eyes.

That is partly because my travel to Amsterdam was more than just a trip to me; it was a life experience!

I moved to this city when I was just 20 to take part in the Erasmus Project of my university and I had the best time of my life.

As soon as I stepped into Amsterdam I felt like I made it to a fairy tale land. All those cute houses in different sizes and colors that overlook the canals make Amsterdam a magic place.

All the houses are different from one another. Some lean on the left, and some lean on the right. Their windows come in different shapes. All the roofs are different. Some people decorate their front doors according to their profession or simply to their taste.

Front door of a house in Amsterdam shaped as a coffin
Guess the job…

Some Dutch prefer to live in a boathouse on the canal which they furnish and decorate in many different ways.

Gooses and ducks walk around the canals just like they were regular Dutch citizens.

But these are not the only things that make Amsterdam special. This city gives people a unique sense of freedom.

Just like when you get on a bike and start wandering around.

Riding a bike and wandering around the canals is the most exciting part of any travel to Amsterdam.

I used to put my headphones on and sing the songs of my iPod. I will never forget how happy I used to feel while singing out loud Live Forever by the Oasis on a bike path with no obstacles!

If I did that in my city they would take me to a mental hospital.

But in Amsterdam nobody cares! Nobody will judge you. The open mind of the people who live in this amazing city is what makes Amsterdam even more extraordinary.

In the same club you will see a punk, a metalhead, a girl in heels and a guy in sweatpants. There isn’t a dress code to get in. You can wear whatever you want! All you need is being in the mood to dance and to meet people!

Amsterdam then is not only coffee shop, red light district and weed.

Amsterdam is freedom. The freedom to always be yourself in a magic city that will never stop surprising you.

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