selfie with the Tour Eiffel in my travel to Paris

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There is no one in the world who has traveled to Paris and not fallen in love with the city.

J’aime Paris!

If you never said that in French, I bet you did at least once in your language.

Paris is by definition the city of love. I am pretty sure that if you start thinking of romantic cities in the world, Paris would definitely cross your mind.

It doesn’t matter if you travel to Paris with your soulmate, with your best friend or on your own. This romantic state of mind is always in the air.

The first time I went to Paris I was just a kid. The trip was part of a school project where students stayed in a French family for 10 days.

So when I was just 8, I took the plane for the first time in my life and traveled to this beautiful city with my schoolmates and my teachers to live this amazing experience.

I will never forget the emotion that I felt the night before this trip. I was so excited that I woke up in the middle of the night, thrilled for this new adventure in my young life!

Paris has a strong and crucial meaning to me. That’s where my Wanderlust syndrome, or whatever you want to call this never-ending travel addiction, has begun.

So after 22 years I have decided to go back. To go back where everything started.

The plan was to meet a friend who was supposed to fly from Barcelona to Paris, but her flight was canceled for bad weather. So I never met my friend and I ended up by myself for 3 days.

I was so sad but Paris can cheer anyone up. There is a magical vibe that touches your heart.

But why is that so? I can’t really tell; it’s just a feeling that you have when you walk along the Seine, when you see the Tour Eiffel lit up at night, when they say “merci Mademoiselle” after you order your “pain au chocolat et café au lait”.

So thank you Paris for taking care of me and for bringing those sweet childhood memories back to me.

Oui, j’aime Paris!

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2 Replies to “TRAVEL TO PARIS”

  1. Paris is truly a city of love. My dream is to visit Paris with my soulmate. I hope it happens soon. The city is so beautiful from the pictures I have seen so far. J’aime Paris!

    1. You and your soulmate will absolutely fall in love with Paris!

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