At Thingvellir Park in my travel to Iceland

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When you travel to Iceland you have that feeling of a dream come true, especially if you are a nature lover and passionate for geology.

This wonderful land is unique in its beautiful landscape. Besides, its very particular location on Earth makes it an area of amazing geological events.

Iceland is located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on the separation line between the American plate and the Euro-Asian plate. The two tectonic plates while drifting apart from each other somehow stretch Iceland making it expand at the rate of 2 centimeters per year. You can clearly see the trace of this separation process at the amazing Thingvellir National Park, not far from Reykjavik, where the rift valley marks the crest of the ocean ridge.

Ocean Ridge at Thingvellir Park in Iceland

Since the island is of volcanic origin, the events occurring in Iceland are many: geysers, hot springs, volcanic eruptions.

The scenery of this diverse country is amazing: majestic waterfalls, large glaciers, hot springs, lagoons, volcanic craters, geysers, cliffs. The eyes of people who travel to Iceland will never get bored.

I left for Reykjavik at the end of July to join my friend Cinzia on the cruise ship where she currently works. We met working together on board and once a year we travel together to discover new countries.

I decide to get to Reykjavik a few days before the ship’s arrival to have some time to explore the city and its surroundings.

When the plane lands my heart is racing. I can feel everybody else’s excitement too, when they look enthusiastic through the window. While the plane is getting closer to the black sand coastline I can see already a beautiful landscape and I soon realize that I am about to land in an extraordinary place.

When I get out of the airport, I feel a cold breeze in my body. And for the first time in my life I loved it. The unbearable heat that we had in Rome in July was just about to kill me.

On the way from the airport to Reykjavik I look through the bus window. I can see the coastline in a wonderful light game between sunset and dawn. This time I leave my camera in my bag and I get completely carried away by my emotions. This is a new view in this life of mine of a traveler and dreamer. I feel happy.

During my whole stay in Iceland I always got a good vibe. I am so excited to meet my dear ocean friend and happy to sail like old times.

But it’s not just that that makes me feel so good.

My eyes are so enchanted by this land so rich in natural wonders that look like they belong to a fantasy kingdom.

I ran for miles along an endless coastline in a dreamy scenery that gave me unique feelings. I come across other runners and I wonder if they feel the same way.

Before the ship’s arrival I was alone but I never felt alone. Icelanders are very kind, welcoming and sunny people despite the weather. Besides, in this country there are many solo travelers who decided to explore Iceland on their own just like I did. And of course you end up getting to know each other. We all agreed on one thing: when you travel to Iceland your heart will never forget it.

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  1. Enchanting magical land. Hope to visit some day in the near future

  2. The travellers says: Reply

    one of the most mesmerising countries i have ever visited and would recommend to everyone . well covered

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