At Hassan II Mosque, one of the things to do in Casablanca

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Things to do in Casablanca in one day: a travel itinerary through the highlights of the main city of Morocco.

Casablanca was the first stop of our gypsy adventure that we named “only panties in my bag”. The name comes from the shortlist of things we packed when my friend Erika and I decided to backpack around the two imperial cities of Fès and Rabat from Casablanca.

Our trip backpacking through Morocco

Despite being the main city of Morocco, Casablanca is probably the least “Moroccan” city of the country.

In fact, in Casablanca, you won’t see those typical chaotic little streets and colorful markets of medinas that make Morocco so unique. Actually, Casablanca’s medina is mostly a residential area.

If Casablanca is the first destination of your trip to Morocco, like it was for us, then you have to travel some more miles before you can feel the real essence of Morocco.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to skip Casablanca. There are actually a few things to do in Casablanca before you move to the next destination in Morocco.

Before we find out things to do in Casablanca in one day, let’s see first how to get to the city from Mohamed V International Airport.


From Mohamed V International Airport take a train that takes you to Casablanca in about 45 minutes.

Erika and I headed straight to Hassan II Mosque and I suggest you do the same.

Click here for the train schedule.

Type “AEROPORT MED V” as departure station and “CASA PORT” as arrival station.

You can buy the ticket online but I suggest you buy it at the train station because you never know how big the line is to go through immigration at the airport.

From “Casa Port” station start walking towards the mosque and hail a taxi. Don’t take a taxi right in front of the station because they will charge you more. And don’t agree to the first price they tell you. In Morocco, you have to bargain for everything. Especially for a taxi ride!



Hassan II Mosque alone is worth a trip to Morocco.

At Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

This stunning and majestic mosque has an amazing location over the Atlantic Ocean that makes it magnificent especially at sunset.

Hassan II Mosque at sunset

King Hassan II ordered to build the mosque to celebrate his 60th birthday. Moroccans financed directly its construction that started in 1986 and ended in 1993.

The 210 meters tall mosque’s minaret is the tallest minaret in the world. On top of the minaret, there is a laser beam that points the way to Mecca at night.

Hassan II Mosque's Minaret

Besides being the largest mosque in Morocco, it is also the only mosque that tourists can visit, as access to the other ones is only for Muslims.

Inside the mosque, visitors can see the huge and decorated prayer hall that can fit up to 25.000 people. The dress code is pretty strict: shoulders and knees need to be covered. They will also ask you to take off your shoes before you get in.

Hassan II Mosque Prices:

  • €12

Hassan II Mosque Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Sunday: 9:00 – 16:00


Ask a taxi driver to take you from Hassan II Mosque to Parc de la Langue Arab. See the Cathédrale du Sacré Coeur and walk around the city center of Casablanca.

Along the way take a look at the buildings from the colonial days with their Moorish style decorations, a style that blends traditional Moroccan architecture with Art Deco elements from Paris.

Pass by Place Mohamed V and look at the public buildings that surround the square before you go into the little streets that take to Cinéma Rialto. When we were there they were playing just Casablanca!

Cinema Rialto in Casablanca


I will never forget that moment. The first time my taste buds met the amazing Moroccan food.

But above all that was the first time I met them: my beloved gateaux marocains!

Tray of gateaux marocains

This all happened at Restaurant al-Mounia where we had an amazing dinner in a typical Moroccan ambiance that we highly recommend.

Restaurant al-Mounia in Casablanca

One of their specialties is pastilla, a meat pie made with sheets of phyllo pastry filled with pigeon meat, onions, and cinnamon. The dish is very exotic and traveled with us the whole time since we took 3 days to finally digest it!

After this amazing dinner, we say goodbye to Casablanca and head to Casa Voyageurs station to take a train to Fès, the next stop of our exciting backpacking adventure around Morocco!

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  1. I love Casablanca! Have visited few years ago and I also have a photo with the Hassan II Mosque. One of the best places to see in Morocco. Love your photography.

    1. Thank you Kristine! Hassan II Mosque is one of the best places to see in Morocco indeed!

  2. This is definitely a destination on my list as the gateway to the rest of Morocco and the wonderful natural beauty of the country. Within Casablanca itself though, the Hassan II Mosque looks quite impressive indeed and it’s great that non-muslims are allowed to visit. How great that the famous movie Casablanca was actually playing in the cinema there! Would also love the sample the food in that restaurant – just so many things to do and experience! Really looking forward to reading your next post.

    1. Thank you so much Nicole for your kind words! You are right, there are so many things to do and experience in Morocco!

  3. Lovely post! I have never been to Morocco before but I feel like I understand it better just through your writing. The picture of the Mosque is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! 🙂

  4. Your pictures are beautiful! I would go to Casablanca just for the food lol, I love the small cakes!

    1. Thank you! It’s a very good reason ahah! But let me warn you, their small cakes are addictive!

  5. Casablanca looks really amazing! I would like to travel there one day!

  6. Wow, When I hear Casablanca, first thing which coming up in my mind is the movie. Is it still the famous coffee from the movie?

    1. Rick’s Café you mean? I know it’s still in the medina but I didn’t eat there. I have heard that it’s kind of classy and I was looking for a more traditional restaurant for my dinner. Anyway I’m sure it would be a cool experience if you have more days to spend in Casablanca 😉

  7. Hassan II Mosque looks beautiful. What a fantastic photo you took. It is interesting that this is the only one that tourists are allowed to visit in all of Morocco unless you are muslim. That is too bad. I think that it is beneficial for people to learn about other people’s culture and religion and going to a mosque would be an important part of understanding islam.

    1. Thank you Nicole! I know it would be very interesting to go inside a mosque but for Muslims it’s a place for worship only. Luckily there are some mosques in the world where tourist visits are allowed, like Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca 🙂

  8. The mosque looks great, your photos are really intriguing. I would love to enjoy Moroccan food – that’s something I would highly be looking forward to when in Casablanca.

    1. Thank you Shreya 🙂

  9. We didn’t make it to Casablanca when we were there, and what a shame. The mosque and minaret are stunning. Also, I like the food there, it’s so fragrant

  10. Casablanca has always been on my travel list, but sadly I haven’t made it there yet. This is definitely a helpful and informative post to help me plan a day if I ever get to visit. Your photos show lovely scenery! I’d really like to try some of the local cuisine as well one day 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you’ll have the chance to get there soon and to try their delicious food 🙂

  11. The mosque is beautiful! The food also looks delicious!

  12. That is a pretty cool name for your first gypsy adventure! In a way, its also perfect for a backpacking trip.
    Casablanca looks quite pretty. Sunset at the Hassan II Mosque looks majestic. Do you recommend only one day or more than that at Casablanca?

    1. Thank you Amrita! I think one day is enough for Casablanca. Actually we didn’t even spend the night there. We landed in Casablanca and we had a walk around the city before getting the night train to Fes. But wether you spend the night there or not depends on your arrival time to Casablanca 😉

  13. Thanks so much dear. You always seem tondo so much in one day. It was like taking a holiday with you. Casablanca is so beautiful, wish to visit some day.

    1. Thank you so much Anahita for such a sweet comment! I really hope you will visit Casablanca soon 🙂

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