Walking around the Medina of Marrakech in my travel to Morocco

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Travel to Morocco and explore a country that holds a charm all of its own with a rich and diverse landscape.

When you travel to Morocco you feel like you travel to another world while still staying on the same planet.

It’s so incredible that a place so different from my country (Italy) is only a few kilometers away. You get on a plane and in only a couple of hours you end up in an exotic land in a different continent.

Morocco is a place that holds a charm all of its own with a rich and diverse landscape. In Morocco you can ski in the Atlas Mountains, surf the waves of Taghazout, ride a camel in the dunes of Sahara desert.

Get lost in the chaotic streets of the medinas, walk around the souks and bargain for hours for the price of the amazing local products and crafts: argan oil, shea butter, ginger, mint tea, tagines, lamps, eucalyptus crystals, sandal, amber and white musk fragrance soaps, perfumes and incenses.

And after the hard bargaining, you can finally relax in a hammam with buckets of hot water (I know it doesn’t sound very relaxing but I swear it really is), scrubs and massages.

Morocco is also very rich in mosques but the entry is only for Muslims.

Entry to the mosque is forbidden to non-muslims in Morocco

I know, it would be very interesting to go inside but, since the mosque is a place of worship, tourist visits are not possible. But don’t worry! There are so many things to do and see in Morocco besides mosques that you won’t know where to begin.

However try not to make the mistake to do too many things in one single journey. When you travel to Morocco you take a journey to enjoy at a slow pace in order to really feel the Moroccan culture.

Plan instead to travel to Morocco more than once and spend the proper amount of time on each journey.

I love Morocco so much that I have been 3 times. These have been my 3 travel itineraries in Morocco:

  1. CasablancaFezRabat
  2. Marrakech and Ouzoud Waterfall in the Atlas Mountains
  3. TangierCeutaChefchaouen

End each one of them has been wonderful.

Even if being blonde in Morocco sometimes can be difficult. The Moroccans are very special people who can be extremely kind and helpful and at the same time very hostile calling you “racist” or “witch” just because you ignored their proposals for a “Berber wedding” or “Moroccan love”. But always in a fun and never dangerous way.

Anyway I have to confess that one of the reasons why I love Morocco so much is the food. D-I-V-I-N-E food. Even though I came to this conclusion:

  1. Cumin is the least digestible spice in the world.
  2. It’s wiser to leave the pigeons alone and let them poop freely from the rooftops rather than eating them in a sandwich with onions and cinnamon.
  3. No substance in the world got me addicted more than the gateaux marocains did.

And this was the day when the gateaux marocains matter got out of control:

Eating thousands of gateaux marocains in Rabat

In conclusion, it seems pretty clear that I’m totally in love with this country, its food and its culture.

And now it’s your turn. Pack your staff, book a flight ticket and travel to Morocco. And just like the Clash suggested, don’t forget to Rock the Casbah! 🤘🏻 

Rock the Casbah in Rabat!

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21 Replies to “TRAVEL TO MOROCCO”

  1. Are all mosques in Morocco closed to tourists? I ask, because I was able to go inside a mosque in Turkey. Granted, I had to respect the religious rules in place — remove my shoes, cover my head, stay in the section designated — but I could go inside and see it firsthand.

    1. The only one that you can visit is Hassan II Mosque, a stunning mosque in Casablanca. 😉

  2. I love to travel and feel like I am in another world. I don’t know much about Moroccan food, but would like to try it.

    1. It’s one of the best 🙂

  3. I am glad that you have travelled to Morocco cos after reading so many blog posts, I was really eager to know something more about Morocco! The place is beautiful and i have been intrigued by the country for a long time! I am glad you take your own sweet time to absorb the culture of the place and enjoy it thoroughly, even i feel like doing the same whenever i visit a new culture. I think you could have understood the Moroccan culture better by staying in a Homestay or a BnB. However, thanks to your inputs, my next trip planning has already begun! Ciao!

  4. I recently was in Morocco and truly enjoyed the colors and the food. I had, on a negative side, a bitter sweet feeling towards my strolling around the Medina of Marrakesh as a solo woman traveler. Did you find it difficult?

    1. Well there were times when the unwanted attention got pretty annoying but it never felt unsafe or dangerous. The best thing to do is to ignore people who approach you with compliments or similar stuff even if that might sound a little rude. Anyway I traveled with a friend (a girl) and we were always together, but I guess I would have felt uncomfortable sometimes if I had to stroll around by myself like you did. I totally get what you’re talking about. Thank you for your comment 🙂

  5. Happy to read such a beautiful reflection of your travels to Morocco. It is indeed a country with many landscapes and a little something for everyone! & you can never have too much gateaux 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Yara! Yes you’re right! You just can never get enough gateaux 😀

  6. I really enjoyed reading this post, Sara. Morocco is somewhere I have always imagined as a thrilling and exotic destination and I totally understand what you mean by advising not to rush here, and instead take your time in such a fascinating place. The mountains, beaches and the desert are all beautiful facets of nature and Morocco has them all. Can’t wait to get there to see it for myself one day!

    1. Thank you so much Nicole! I hope you can get there soon, I’m pretty sure you will love it!

  7. Morocco is one of the countries, that are quite high on my bucket list. I would really love to go there and photograph the authentic streets. For me, photography is the main part of a trip 🙂

    1. If you love taking photos Morocco is the perfect place for you. Each single corner is worth a photo shot 😉

  8. You are absolutely right that when you travel to Morocco it’s as if you’re in another world. I was to Morocco many years ago and have been wanting to go back ever since. You’ve refueled that desire with this piece.

  9. Nice! My partner Sheila would really love those hand-made textiles. She’s so much into tribal designs. And based on this article, Morocco seems to be ideal for the urban adventurer.

  10. Good Post Sara!
    Really informative post. I’m a little bit jealous of your trip to Morocco. I was planning to visit Morocco in last year. Unfortunately I missed an opportunity to buy tickets. How many days you recommend to stay there ?

    1. Morocco is huge so it’s hard to fit everything in one journey. I would recommend to take small trips (3-4 days) each time in a specific area. Thank you for your comment Andrew!

  11. I travelled to Morocco last year and this brought back loads of memories. It is truely a great destination full of colour history and great food. Love your post. Thanks for sharing. There is so much you can do from camel rides to day trips. It offers something for all ages.

    1. Thank you so much Amar! Yes, there is so much you can do!

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